Grains above the tree's crown

These are dreams and aspirations. They also represent the seeds of a better future, a symbol of healing, and a new life that begins on the foundation of the past. They are sown to grow soon.

Young blooming branches grow upwards from the tree's crown

Symbolizing new life and a new home that the heroine started building on the old ruins.

Tree of Life

It symbolizes a person's life and the life on their land, genetic memory, strength, deep roots, and the generations that came before us.

Withered leaves falling

It is the symbol of the war that came to a large and flourishing family and caused irreparable damage.


A symbol of a home that a woman dreams of returning to. But the image of the house is ephemeral, elusive, as if faded - a symbol of the unattainability of the dream. The former life has remained in the past forever.

Two ducks

It is the symbol of family and prosperity. However, one duck turned away from the other, indicating the division within the family.

Disturbed waves

It is the symbol of the war that brought chaos, blood, and death into people's lives.

Words from a song

It is a traditional technique of naive art, which includes a part of embroidered cloths from the late 19th to early 20th century when quotes from popular folk songs have been added to the ornaments. In our case, this is the song "V Mene Nemaye Domu" ("I Have No Home") by the Ukrainian musician band "Odin v Kanoe".

Blooming branch

It is an unconventional variation of the vase, symbolizing ordinary and peaceful life before the war and connection with the family.